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Irvine Company Drills Down On Drought (Orange County Business Journal)
December 07, 2015
What does the biggest property owner in Orange County do when it gets hit with aggressive mandates from Sacramento to cut water usage? It drills. What about when it realizes that years’ worth of prior efforts would essentially work against it? read more »

Newport Center’s Front Lawn Gets Drought-Friendly Makeover (Corona del Mar Today)
July 17, 2015
Last month, crews began digging up the grass along Coast Highway and Newport Center Drive — a greenbelt that Irvine Company officials call Newport Center’s “front lawn” — all in an ongoing effort to reduce water consumption. read more »

Flushing The Past, Renewing The Future: Irvine Co. Replacing 12,000 Aging Toilets To Save Water (The Orange County Register)
July 2, 2015
It was early morning as Ron Mangill, an Irvine Co. liaison, guided a pair of plumbers up the narrow staircase of a Newport Beach townhouse. read more »

Water-Saving Toilets, Shower Heads Installed At Thousands Of Newport Beach Apartments (
June 19, 2015
Thousands of toilets and shower heads are being replaced at six of The Irvine Company apartment complexes, for an estimated savings of 46 million gallons of water annually, officials said. read more »

Irvine Co. flushing out water-guzzling toilets at 6 Newport apartment complexes (Daily Pilot)
June 19, 2015
At the Newport North apartments in Newport Beach, it was out with the old toilets and in with the new on Friday as part of an Irvine Co. project to install low-flow toilets and shower heads in its six older apartment communities in Newport. read more »

Pelican Hill golf courses focus on both kinds of green (Daily Pilot)
May 23, 2015
Stephen Friedlander knows that golf courses, with their lush acreage of sprawling greenery, are often on the receiving end of the finger of blame from residents mourning the death of their front lawns. read more »

In Record Drought, California Golf Course Ethically Keeps Greens Green (NPR)
April 16, 2015
In drought-stricken California, golf is often seen as a bad guy — it can be hard to defend watering acres of grass for fun when residents are being ordered to cut their usage and farmers are draining their wells. read more »