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Hotel Irvine

The modern-lifestyle hotel is operated with water savings in mind: Water is served upon request only, and landscaping is equipped with the latest irrigation technologies, among other efforts.


We operate Hotel Irvine in an environmentally sensitive manner.

The hotels offer guests the option to help save thousands of gallons of water annually by reusing bed linens and bath towels during their stay.

At our restaurants, we serve water only upon request.

In our landscaping, we use state-of-the-art, high-efficiency irrigation systems that reduce water consumption through the use of:

  • Smart irrigation controllers: This high-tech system controls how much water is used to irrigate our landscapes based on plant/soil type and weather conditions. The system uses real-time weather satellite data that, for instance, shuts off the irrigation system during rainy or cold conditions.
  • Drip and low-flow irrigation: This practice allows water to be slowly dripped into the soil, drastically reducing water usage and the overspray onto non-landscaped areas caused by traditional sprinklers.
  • Master valves with flow sensors: This allows us to automatically shut off the water when the flow sensor detects a leak.