Newport Ridge

Approximately two miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, atop a large mesa is the village of Newport Ridge. Surrounded by a local open space system, including Buck Gully and Coyote Canyon, Newport Ridge is connected to regional open space areas.

Special attention was paid early on in the course of development, early to mid-1990s, to the grading process because of its unique location. It was important to consider possible vistas of surrounding open space, night lights, distant ridgelines and the Pacific Ocean.

Additionally, the street systems of Newport Ridge are centered around a loop connector, which provides access to the village center as well as neighborhood parks. It also was designed to allow for convenient access and smooth circulation while discouraging through traffic in residential areas.

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Fast Facts

  • Area – 971 acres
  • Total number of homes – 1,866
  • Number of retail centers – 1
  • Number of parks – 5 neighborhood parks and 1 community park

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