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Working closely with government agencies and residents over the past 50 years, the Irvine Company has planned and created thoughtful, balanced communities on The Irvine Ranch®.

Below are some of the principles that have guided the detailed planning and implementation of the Master Plan:

  • The Irvine Ranch is made up of residential villages, each of which has its own unique identity-similar to the distinct neighborhoods found in mature cities like San Francisco and Boston. These villages are located in parts of Newport Beach, Tustin and Orange as well as Irvine. The Irvine Company follows broad planning principles in designing every village on The Ranch to ensure that the highest standards are met.
  • To minimize travel time between work and home, commercial and employment centers are strategically located close to villages.
  • Shopping centers are planned and built in three levels. Neighborhood centers are the smallest and are built as an integral part of each village so that they can serve the daily needs of the residents. Community centers are slightly bigger than neighborhood centers. Regional retail centers are located within commercial and employment districts. Because of their closeness to freeways, they attract consumers from all over Orange County. All of The Ranch’s shopping centers serve as public gathering spaces, as well as high-quality pedestrian environments.
  • Educational facilities, including major universities, local community colleges, elementary and high schools are located all throughout The Irvine Ranch. Elementary schools are the most prevalent. Almost every village has one. Secondary schools are larger and often shared by villages. High schools serve citywide functions and usually are located close to residential villages. Colleges are located throughout the City of Irvine with the largest being the University of California, Irvine.
  • Access to well-maintained recreation areas and vast open spaces is a hallmark of The Irvine Ranch. Small parks help define neighborhoods, while community parks identify villages. City parks provide large-scale active recreation, and parkways and trails link villages to open space all over The Ranch. Permanently protected wilderness preserves provide even more opportunities for recreation. Today, more than half of the entire Irvine Ranch is permanently protected as open space and recreational uses.
  • The infrastructure of The Irvine Ranch was carefully planned so that it could eventually accommodate The Ranch’s build-out. Systems were designed so that they could be enhanced and phased as The Ranch grew. Highlights of this system include a hierarchical circulation system and an extensive reclaimed water system that serves the City of Irvine and portions of surrounding cities.