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Since 1864, the Irvine Company has been entrusted with the stewardship of planning, developing and preserving some of the most beautiful and valuable land anywhere.


The Irvine Ranch® stretches from the Cleveland National Forest to the Pacific Ocean, encompassing the city of Irvine and parts of Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Tustin, Orange and Anaheim.

The company views its land as a precious and nonrenewable resource — an asset not to be sold or squandered for short-term gain, but to be held onto as a long-term investment and used in ways that benefit both the company and those who choose to live and work on The Ranch.

Over many decades, The Ranch has evolved from cattle ranching to agriculture and, finally, to master-planned community development on a scale and at a level of quality that is unmatched anywhere else in the world today.

It is the company’s intent to actively manage the land of The Irvine Ranch and to continually add to its value as a long-term investment for the company and for those who live and work here. We believe that through thoughtful, purposeful and careful management of the company’s properties, a sound investment strategy is achieved. This results in benefits that are not just financial, but that also enhance the quality of life in this region.

We also believe that a major part of our land should remain as we inherited it. Today, 57,500 acres–approximately 60 percent of the entire Irvine Ranch–is permanently protected for open space. A majority of these lands have been designated a Natural Landmark by both the U.S. Department of the Interior and the State of California. These lands have been preserved–and where appropriate, improved–for future generations. They offer a contrast to the built environment, define and enrich the communities they surround and provide a great variety of recreational opportunities for residents.


As a company with a long-term outlook, the Irvine Company is committed to contributing to the quality of our communities by reinvesting in our portfolio and keeping our properties fresh and up-to-date. We want to ensure that we continue to own the highest quality and most attractive properties in the market. We hope that our investment will, in turn, have the effect of maintaining strong property values in the broader community.