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Water Conservation

Every drop counts.

The Irvine Company has a historic stewardship of this precious resource. Dating back to 1967, we’ve helped pioneer and champion the use of recycled water for landscape irrigation. Our heritage communities have gone through an extensive upgrade of the irrigation systems and all newly built communities have state-of-the-art, water-conservation systems installed at day one as a part of our specifications and standards.  The following summarizes are water conservation efforts across our communities.

We have installed more than 16,000 water-efficient toilets and a similar number of shower heads at our older apartment communities in Orange and San Diego counties that collectively will reduce annual water use by nearly quarter million gallons.

Landscape irrigation at many of our communities already uses recycled water. Where it doesn’t, we have been seeking new sources of recycled water and are encouraged by our discussions with water districts to make that happen. Our initial focus has been on Newport Beach and expanding already substantial use of recycled water in Irvine to additional communities, but we are exploring how we can maximize the use of recycled water throughout our coastal California portfolio.

We have the following approach to reducing water consumption for large landscaped areas: reduce the turf footprint, use more drought-tolerant landscaping, employ water-efficient sprinklers and drip irrigation, and use sophisticated weather satellite controllers for more control over water delivery and flow sensors to stop any leaks.  We seek recycled water sources to reduce the use of potable water.

Our vendors, employees and customers are regularly updated on our newest water saving initiatives and technologies and are trained in the art of water conservation. We also hold monthly water usage reviews with vendors to make sure water usage stays within allocation and is appropriately used. 

For more information on our water conservation efforts, please click on any of the following Irvine Company Divisions: Apartments, Office, Residential, Resort and Retail.