Oak Creek

The historic oak trees that line a portion of Sand Canyon Avenue are reminders of the timelessness of the village of Oak Creek. This community features a broad array of homes located in the center of Irvine, between the village of Woodbridge and Irvine Spectrum.

The Jeffrey Open Space Trail, which spans the village’s western border, provides residents with a shady, picturesque place to walk, jog, push a stroller or ride a bike. Eucalyptus trees planted more than half a century ago line the Jeffrey Trail, which will eventually connect one end of the city with the other as it travels along the east side of Jeffrey Road.

Many residents of the village are within walking distance of the wide array of stores and restaurants at Oak Creek Village Center at Alton Parkway and Jeffrey Road. In addition to Oak Creek’s natural landmarks, stone entryways help define the village’s distinct character.

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Fast Facts

  • Size of village site – 937 acres
  • Number of neighborhood and community parks – 1 large community park and several small neighborhood parks
  • Total acreage of neighborhood parks – 1,196 acres
  • Total acreage for schools – 110 acres
  • Total number of schools in village – Two, 1 elementary and 1 Community College
  • Architectural style – Wide Mix, mostly stucco with wood or tile roofs. More traditional style architecture
  • Identity – Clear, due to the use of limited entry points, strong edges, and the use of the ‘Oak Creek’ name on the golf course, community park, retail center, and school
  • Master Association – Strict. Homes are par of mandatory homeowners associations
  • Design control – Strict. Homes are part of mandatory homeowners associations
  • History – Area between Barranca Parkway and the I-405 freeway, was built in five years (1999-2003). 23% of the homes were not developed by The Irvine Company

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