Located in the heart of Irvine, Woodbridge is the city’s most well known village. It’s also its most popular. Built in phases, during the 1970s and 1980s, Woodbridge is made up of a variety of distinctive housing types and organized into neighborhoods that feature, each with a park as its focus. The hallmark of this active village is the two man-made lakes at its center, used for boating, fishing and numerous other recreational activities.

The community of Woodbridge is formed by four quadrants, linked together through a network of parks and open space as well as Yale Loop, which connects it to nearby parkways and freeways through Barranca and Alton.

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Fast Facts

  • Is one of The Irvine Company’s earliest villages
  • Area – 1,786 acres
  • Total number of homes – 9,292
  • Number of educational institutions  – 8
  • Number of retail centers  – 3
  • Number of houses of worship  – 14
  • Is home to Irvine’s only waterfront property

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