Woodbury is planned in a grid design to provide the look and feel of a more traditional, established place. Within the grid are 8 districts composed of neighborhoods, each with individual architectural styles, character and neighborhood park.

A primary focus in planning Woodbury was walkability and accessibility. Streetscapes are comfortably scaled and all homes are within a 10-minute-or-less walk to a park. The Commons, the central village park and gathering place, and the village retail area will be no further than a 20-minute walk.

The Jeffrey Open Space Spine borders Woodbury along Jeffrey Road and will provide access to the 70-acre Gateway Park and open space to the South of Woodbury through a network of trails and paseos.

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Fast Facts

  • Size of village site – 636 acres, approximately one square mile
  • Number of community and neighborhood parks – 15 total. One community park and 14 neighborhood parks
  • Total acreage of neighborhood parks – 14.9 acres. (Including Irvine Apartment Communities rec centers that total 1.32 acres)
  • Number of pools in neighborhood parks – Four
  • Number of private rec center pools – Three
  • Number of trees planted – 6,000
  • The Commons acreage – 30 acres
  • Number of anticipated home builders – Northwest & Southwest: 7; Northeast: 3; Southeast: TBD
  • Architectural styles – Are organized into four districts: Formal Italian/Formal French, Spanish/Monterrey/Santa Barbara, Province/Tuscan and Craftsman/Cottage
  • Master association – One

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