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Woodbury East

The Village of Woodbury East is the newest addition to the Villages of Irvine. It is situated off Sand Canyon, and bordered by Irvine Boulevard and Trabuco Road in the City of Irvine,

Woodbury East is located near major employment centers such as Irvine Spectrum®, Irvine Technology Center and Jamboree Business Center. Convenient neighborhood shopping is just a short drive or walk away at Woodbury Town Center and Trabuco Grove Shopping Center. A more expansive shopping, dining and entertainment experience is nearby at Irvine Spectrum Center®.

The homes here incorporate the new “Build It Green” program in Irvine, which encourages builders to integrate conservation into home design and building practices, and also allows consumers to easily measure exactly how green these new homes are.

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Woodbury is planned in a grid design to provide the look and feel of a more traditional, established place. Within the grid are 8 districts composed of neighborhoods, each with individual architectural styles, character and neighborhood park.

A primary focus in planning Woodbury was walkability and accessibility. Streetscapes are comfortably scaled and all homes are within a 10-minute-or-less walk to a park. The Commons, the central village park and gathering place, and the village retail area will be no further than a 20-minute walk.

The Jeffrey Open Space Spine borders Woodbury along Jeffrey Road and will provide access to the 70-acre Gateway Park and open space to the South of Woodbury through a network of trails and paseos.

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Located in the heart of Irvine, Woodbridge is the city’s most well known village. It’s also its most popular. Built in phases, during the 1970s and 1980s, Woodbridge is made up of a variety of distinctive housing types and organized into neighborhoods that feature, each with a park as its focus. The hallmark of this active village is the two man-made lakes at its center, used for boating, fishing and numerous other recreational activities.

The community of Woodbridge is formed by four quadrants, linked together through a network of parks and open space as well as Yale Loop, which connects it to nearby parkways and freeways through Barranca and Alton.


Located in northwest Irvine, Westpark’s unique character reflects the timeless elegance of a Mediterranean village – but one that has been infused with a touch of urban sophistication.

Neighborhoods of attractive homes are connected by footpaths and are served by parks and nearby schools. An “urban activity corridor” runs through the village, conveniently linking it with neighborhood shopping centers and Irvine City Hall at Harvard Avenue and Civic Center Plaza.

The corridor also leads to Col. Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park, a 42-acre expanse next to City Hall bristling with recreational amenities, including three soccer fields, four ball diamonds, batting cages and access to Irvine’s acclaimed network of bicycle trails.

Attractive walls featuring abundant landscaping reinforce the village’s Mediterranean theme while muting noise from nearby roads and arterials. The village’s attention to detail even extends to many of its intersections, which are accented with plazas and towering palms.

West Irvine

As its name implies, this community is located in the western portion of Irvine near the Santa Ana (I-5) Freeway and the 261 toll road. West Irvine is home to the historic Irvine Ranch headquarters. Construction of the community began in the late 1990s and concluded in 2003.

University Town Center

University Town Center is situated in the heart of Irvine, across the street from the University of California, Irvine. Developed in the 1980s, University Town Center boasts a dynamic mixed-use center with a popular Farmers’ Market every Saturday morning, pedestrian walkways connecting retail centers and adjacent neighborhoods and a large regional park – Mason Regional Park.

University Park

The village of University Park was originally designed to be the “district” for people who are connected to the UC Irvine campus. It is located adjacent to UC Irvine and the San Diego Freeway (I-405).

Development of University Park began in the mid-1960s, and was the second village developed by The Irvine Company.


Being an avid cyclist, I truly appreciate Irvine’s many beautiful, safe and off the street bike paths. The stretch that runs adjacent to Harvard across from the golf course is especially picturesque and fun to see the diversity with not only the bikers, but walkers, rollerbladers and even little ones on their big wheels and scooters.
–  B .Smilack – University Park, Irvine

Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock was the first hillside village on The Irvine Ranch®, and today, more than 30 years since its inception, it remains one of the city of Irvine’s most acclaimed and admired places. Organized by a central looping road, homes are situated in thoughtful arrangements that leave the hilltops preserved, creating a careful balance between local nature and the built environment.

Adding to their distinction, the neighborhoods of Turtle Rock are connected to one another via streetscapes, green open spaces and a network of and biking trails and footpaths.

Turtle Ridge

One of Irvine’s newest villages, Turtle Ridge has the feeling of a hillside Tuscan retreat. Turtle Ridge is located around and atop some of the highest points within the city of Irvine, providing views of Newport Coast® and the inland city lights. The 1,570-acre village borders the scenic Bommer Canyon, overlooks the established community of Turtle Rock and is conveniently adjacent to the San Joaquin/73 Toll Road.

The character of the natural area surrounding Turtle Ridge was used as a guide to its architectural design, creating a village that feels closely connected to the land. Winding bike paths, walkways and nature trails give residents easy access to parks and open space.

Stonegate East

The intimate community of Stonegate East is Irvine’s newest Village. It’s situated just off the 133 and Irvine Boulevard, and is conveniently located near neighborhood shopping at Woodbury Town Center and Orchard Hills Village Center®. A more expansive shopping, dining and entertainment experience is nearby at Irvine Spectrum Center®.

Stonegate East is also close by to major employment centers such as Irvine Spectrum®, Irvine Technology Center and Jamboree Business Center.

To learn more about the Village of Stonegate East, please visit VillagesofIrvine.com.