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Residential Properties


We master-plan our residential villages in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive manner. Our master-planned residential communities include a comprehensive water usage and conservation plan, ensuring that adequate water resources are available to serve each project.

Our new homes save more than 50% more water than their older counterparts, thanks to water-efficient fixtures and appliances.

Recycled water is used to irrigate landscaping in the common areas of our villages, including medians, parkways, green belts and parks. For example, all parks and common area landscaping in the Village of Woodbury are irrigated with recycled water.

Unlike potable (drinking) water, there are no drought-related restrictions on the amount of recycled water that may be used.

In landscaping those common areas, state-of-the-art, high-efficiency irrigation systems have been installed to reduce water consumption through the use of:

  • Smart irrigation controllers: This high-tech system controls how much water is used to irrigate landscapes based on plant/soil type and weather conditions. The system uses real-time weather satellite data that, for instance, shuts off the irrigation system during rainy or cold conditions.
  • Drip and low-flow irrigation: Drip irrigation allows water to be slowly absorbed into the soil, drastically reducing water usage. On our overhead spray systems, we utilize low-flow heads and rotor heads that are compliant with California Green Building Standards.
  • Master valves with flow sensors: This allows the water to be automatically shut off when the flow sensor detects a leak.