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The Irvine Ranch® has an international reputation for providing an exceptionally high quality of life for those who live here.

While residents have a wide range of housing options from which to choose, each village on The Ranch consistently offers such amenities as excellent schools, ample open space and recreational areas, convenient shopping and a road system that minimizes traffic. Careful long-range planning has made The Ranch the kind of place where people tend to put down roots. As residents go through different stages of life, they don’t have to go far to find housing that meets their changing needs.

Villages are a hallmark of The Irvine Ranch. Each exudes its own distinctive character, unique relationship with the land and sense of community. The planning of the villages on The Irvine Ranch incorporates six broad community-design principles. They are:

Distinctive Character and Identity
Each village is unique. Each can be defined by its context, its physical features: a lake, a hill, its trees, its architecture, landscape and open space.

Distinguished Edges and Entries
These provide boundaries, distinct to each village, which create a special sense of place for the people who live there.

Village Centers
These can take many forms. A village center might be a shopping center, a community center or a park that serves as a gathering place.

On- and off-street trails link neighborhoods, parks, schools and shopping centers within each village. Minimal village entries help keep traffic to a minimum.

Distinctive Neighborhoods
A variety of housing types to meet different needs are organized around parks and schools. Whether it is an apartment, townhome or single-family residence, a common architectural style is maintained throughout each neighborhood.

Organized Neighborhoods
Each village features smaller, organized neighborhoods, most with a local park as its focus, or a convenient neighborhood school. Landscaped center islands, tree-lined streets and open spaces all contribute to quality of life.

Community Involvement
Community input is an integral part of each step in the planning process. Over the years, the Irvine Company has met with community leaders, residents and elected officials to discuss projects and gather valuable input.

For more information about our residential Villages and homes, please visit Villages of Irvine and Irvine Pacific.