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Balanced Communities

The Irvine Company was a leader in recognizing the importance of building communities that offer a variety of housing types.

At a time when most developers were building only single-family homes, the company experimented with cluster housing, offering higher-density attached as well as single-family residences of various sizes.

By building everything from apartments and condominiums to a wide range of single-family homes within each village on The Irvine Ranch®, the company created a “housing ladder” that addresses the needs of people at different income levels and stages of life. And the clustering of housing made it possible to preserve significant amounts of open space that could be enjoyed by everyone.

Floor plans vary dramatically, from spacious one-story homes in Turtle Rock to intricate three-story condominiums in Oak Creek® to ocean-view custom homes in Newport Coast®. Regardless of what type of housing a family or individual chooses on The Ranch, it embodies the idea of home that is, a place where you can put down roots and become part of a community offering a special quality of life.