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Office developments on The Irvine Ranch® are designed to create a strong sense of place, with architecture that has a timeless quality.

The style leans toward modern classicism, and the key objectives are design integrity, quality and compatibility with the surrounding area.

With its thriving business centers, The Irvine Ranch® is a place where residents can live well and work close to home.

From the beginning, the plan for working environments on The Ranch was guided by the notion that people who live in desirable environments and close to vibrant business centers would have fuller, more productive lives.


Strong guidelines have been established to ensure that each office development on The Ranch meets stringent standards and reflects a consistent language of design or character. Each development starts with a planning framework, which includes landscaping that helps provide continuity throughout the site.

The community of office buildings in each commercial area reflects consistency in design and a commitment to the high standards established in the Irvine Company’s design guidelines. The continuity that is achieved through the design review process and adherence to strict guidelines is what sets development on The Ranch apart.

Design guidelines define criteria for implementing coordinated design, organizational unity and overall visual identity for a commercial area. The intent of the guidelines is to establish a consistent design concept that produces a clear image and a sense of prestige, efficiency and integrity for the development. At the same time, the guidelines allow for a certain amount of flexibility to accommodate the needs of a wide variety of businesses.

Irvine Spectrum® is an example of what this kind of planning can achieve. Irvine Spectrum has an overall, coordinated design character that emphasizes a clean, contemporary, straightforward, quality image. This image is expressed in site planning, architecture, landscaping, lighting and signage.


To create timeless corporate architecture, trendy styles are avoided. Office buildings on The Ranch are characterized by elegant simplicity and classical proportions. Building forms reflect straightforward geometry with unified composition, rather than complicated forms with arbitrary, inconsistent composition. Buildings are designed to be “good neighbors” that blend into the surrounding area rather than stand out.

Landscaping reinforces the overall continuity in design. Landscaping along public streets and at intersections within an office development is coordinated to create a unified general appearance.

Spectrum Terrace, Irvine, CA


The office buildings in our portfolio are among the finest in the industry. We intend to keep them operating as new. Ongoing reinvestment ensures our competitiveness for years to come. Reinvestment efforts include adding new landscaping, carpet, wall coverings and signage, among many other enhancements.

MacArthur Court, Irvine, CA